Spirandreas Fish Restaurant

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View of the restaurant

Forty one years have been passed since Spirandreas fish restaurant was created. The idea of the restaurant belongs to the twin brothers, Spiros and Andreas, who made it reality, with great love, taste and will for work.

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Με θεα τη θάλασσα

Today, 41 years later, Spirandreas restaurant, still offers high quality of service, great food for all tastes, fresh fish and sea food brought to you by local fishermen, traditional kitchen, cool salads, and a big variety of appetizers.

In the years passed, some things haven't changed. The pleasant atmosphere, the quality of food and service, as well as the strong bonds of fellowship that where born here. Today, while the bussiness has been passed on to the children of the two brothers, Dimitris, Dimitris and Giorgos, it still preserves it's tasty identity, enriched with new sea food flavors.
You are wellcome to taste them anytime!

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The tavern has a local architecture design aspect

The fish restaurant is in the port of Ermioni. All visitors can come and enjoy our traditional recipies by the sea, with the great view of the historical forest of Bisti.
Our zest for work compined with your good mood will definitely result to some of your most unforgetable moments!