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View of the port of Ermioni

Ermioni is one of the most beautiful coastal villages of the Argosaronic gulf. It is located very close to the cosmopolitan islands of Hydra and Spetses. It is 75km away from Nafplion and only 40km away from the famous ancient theater of Epidaurus.

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From Mandrakia you can enjoy the view of Hydra

Ermioni is a very beautiful village that reminds you some of the most famous cycladic islands. It is build by the pine forest of Bisti at the edge of the Argolic peninsula. The port is lovely. The fertile land of Ermioni, produces oranges, apples, olives, oil and pomegranates of the finest quality and protected name of origin.

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Night walk on the port

You can reach Ermioni in 2 hours from Pireus, by highspeed ships, or in 2 and a half hours from Athens by car. Ermioni is a classic fish-village.

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The view from Agios Gerasimos...

At the South and East of Ermioni is located a small island named Dokos. Sumbarine archeological researches brought to light finds of the of the most ancient shipwrek in the world!. Another very important place to visit is the Katafiki canyon, which connects Ermioni with Fourni village, through a 1 and half hour tour in the forest.

Source: Ermionida Net